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This is a square cloak/wrap worn by throwing the front pieces over opposite shoulders.


GQ Recommends GQ Recommends 18 Essential Sneaker Brands Every Budding Sneakerhead Should Know Swooshes, Stripes, and everything nice.

Very formfitting pants made of a stretchy but soft matte fabric – best for workouts and yoga

Ne ratez pas les temps forts des promos adidas : le Black Friday, les Ventes Privées et bien sûr les Soldes !

national events, government parties and film festivals.

Adidas is at the cutting edge, he says.

If YOU are the main focus of your new brand then your own name will add value to each product.

formal expensive and fashionable clothes, or the business of designing and making them.

Pro tip: Dark sneakers look dressier for an evening affair than bright white ones.

Just about anything sounds like more fun than sitting down to a big plate of Whole30 grub.

My notes may show some answers as having great clue potential, but when it comes to writing them they present stubborn obstacles; component A may be fantastic, but I just can’t see anything for the remainder B.

Anticonvulsant hypersensitivity syndrome: Identification and management.

Lars Larson, Early morning, Acrylic on paper, 22 x 30

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