A more usual word is underwear. polica na knihy strom

winter coat, warm coat, fur coat, sheepskin coat, storm coat, parka, snowsuit;

In other words, look out for ex-models still wearing their New Balance in retirement homes in the future.

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Community health workers are able to draw on their firsthand experience, or local knowledge, to complement the information that scientists and policy makers use when designing health interventions.

Afin que le client se sente unique, la marque lui propose de personnaliser ses produits.

Brachial plexus block alone or in combination with general anaesthesia offers reliable and safe anaesthesia and analgesia for upper limb procedures.

If you submit a paper Certificate of Dissolution form, you need to include an Estimated Summary Tax Return and an Application for Tax Clearance Certificate.

Still prevalent for all ages, these songs are iconic.

Nike, the world’s biggest sportswear brand, has said people have logged on to its workout and store apps en masse, driving significantly higher online sales over the past year.

King James won the title with a compelling performance and also with style.

A financial services company, which is regulated in Jersey in respect of certain types of financial services, is subject to Jersey income tax at a 10% rate.

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